Last month we wanted to bring closer the benefits from Inclusive Judo to our audience through our Educational Camapign via Social media channels. Poraka Nova as dissemination leader in the  created special visuals and short video with focus on the most important benefits that Judo is providing for those who practice this sport and for people with intelectual dissabilitites.
We are happy that all partners reshared this content and send it to relevant sport clubs and NGO’s who work on simmilar topics.
We already have great response and reach on the Judo4All Facebook Page and Instagram page, with + 6000 people reached and +200 engaged, with likes, share, comments, etc. with this campaign.

If we add the reach from the partners pages as well to these numbers we will have even higher numbers which is very importnat for us showing that we can make great activitites whitin this project and we already have audience who is very much intrested in this topic.

Check out the visuals below