The project partners of the Judo4All project had the final evaluation meeting on 7 August 2023. Participants from Judo Club Drim Struga, Poraka Nova Struga, Judo Club Makikomi (Serbia), Mehedinti County Judo Association (Romania)  joined the online event in order to summarize the whole lifetime of the project, the activities, events, outcomes, impact and lessons learned. The aim of the meeting was to reflect on the implementation of the overall project, impact of the activities and the final results of the project.

After the welcoming part, a brief overview of the project and key deliverables reached were discussed and each participant was invited to share their experiences, on the topics such as: collaboration and communication between the partners; activities realized, overcoming challenges and changes, the impact and the report creation.

Afterwards, we continued with a discussion about the Toolkit promotion which is still ongoing activity with the plan to be finalized until the end of August. Lastly the partners discussed about the final activities connect to finances, dissemination and the impact of the project.