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Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Judo and making judo accessible to everyone.

The Judo4All project addresses the horizontal priority of the Erasmus + inclusion and diversity by involving PwID as persons with fewer opportunities in judo, thus creating an inclusive methodology and program for their equal participation in sports. On the other hand, the project encourages the partner organizations and clubs to create inclusive judo programs for PwID so as to be more open and supportive. In the field of sport, this intervention goes in line with the Work Plan for Sport 2021-2024 and the Council Recommendations on HEPA, thus contributes to the fight against discrimination of PwID and supports their equal treatment.

The project directly focuses on inclusion of people with fewer opportunities through sports and works towards barrier-free access to sport.

The approach and methodology of the project is tailored specifically to address the needs of the PwID aged 18-35 as main target group, but also do develop new work methods and programs for the participating organizations in regards with PwID. Inclusive judo program would be created and implemented by each club, considering the physical and intellectual capacities of PwID. The program would be created within the project consortium where Poraka Nova Struga would offer its decades expertise working with PwID. Additionally, an experienced trainer in work with PwID will lead the process and the overall co-creation session to secure quality inclusive and participatory methodology of the program. Complementary, the sports clubs would work on the physical/practical side of the judo activities, consulting latest literature and trends in inclusive judo and up to date practices of the National Judo Sports Federations. In the lasts months of the project, this program joined by a desktop research and mapping of inclusive sports and inclusive judo from WB and EU, will be synthesized in a Toolkit.


project aims

The overall objective of the project is to create opportunities for PwID to practice judo so as to better include and integrate them in the society, as well enhance their well being and health through physical activities. More specifically, the project aims to:

• increase the involvement of young PwID (18-35 years of age) from EU and the WB in sports by participating in regular judo activities and competitions within an international sports framework

• build the capacities of the partner organizations in working with PwID and enhance crossborder cooperation by allowing exchange of know-how, practices and mobility experiences between EU and WB

• introduce innovative judo methods and practices based on the local realities and needs in each participating country by developing an inclusive judo training program

• raise awareness about the importance of inclusive sport, and combat any form of discrimination and exclusion of PwID.

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