Judo Seminar for Special Needs in Romania

Judo Seminar for Special Needs in Romania

Our partners from Romania, Mehedinti County Judo Association last week attended a Judo Seminar for Special Needs SUCEAVA –ROU.

At this event with international character, coaches, referees, therapists, physiotherapists and parents interested in learning about Special Needs participated.

Themes and topics that were presented during this seminar were:

Short introduction in disabilityes and 3C Therapy ( awareness, concentration, coordination)

  • Judo games incorporated in a theme/story and explanation of games.
  • Judo and the brain. Power button, deep pressure, communication level
  • SN regulations how and why presentation
  • performance on the mat,  a lot of practical practice with guidance per group, SN randori regulations explanation and practice.
  • Yumeiho – Japaneze muscle relaxation therapy / presentation and practice
  • SN kata explanation.
  • practice role teaching regular uke Nage
  • own skills nage katame and kime
  • for those interested ne-waza Nage no Kata and how to preserve the essence of Nage.

The Mentors and Trainers were:

  • Tycho Matthias Mero van der Werff -NED
  • Tomas Rundqvist -SWE
  • Renske Vloothuis -NED
  • Aries Lourens Noordzij -NED
  • David Lefevere -NED
  • Catalin Cornel Mures -ROU
  • Edison Enrico Muha -ROU

Mehedinti County Judo Association was represented by Vasilan Gicu and Lena Sterea.

Check out the photos from the event below. 

Open calls for Inclusive Judo programs in Macedonia, Serbia and Romania

Open calls for Inclusive Judo programs in Macedonia, Serbia and Romania

We are exited to inform you that today we launched the open calls for recruitment of participants in the inclusive judo program. in Serbia, Macedonia and Romania.

Apply to be part of the Judo4All – Inclusive judo program!

Use the opportunity to learn new sport, improve your physical and mental health, meet new people from other countries and be part of national and international judo competitions!

People with intellectual disabilities can apply!

More info and contacts from each country below in the photos

Kick off online meeting

Kick off online meeting

On 22 June 2022 all partners of the consortium had online meeting via zoom and kicked off the project Judo4All.

Judo Club Struga, in partnership with Poraka Nova Struga, Judo Club Makikomi (Serbia), CERT & Mehedinti County Judo Association (Romania)  during one year will work together in order to implement the project activities and make impact in the field of inclusive sport.

Meeting topics: Introduction to the partner organizations, project activities and timeline, contact persons, mode of cooperation, preparing letters of intent, developing implementation, monitoring and
evaluation chart, dissemination strategy and risk mitigation strategy.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the project implementation and timeline of the activities, how the organization of the national and international judo camps and competitions will be done, the co-creation of the toolkit for inclusive judo, as well the flow of the dissemination. Initially each partner presented the organization and it’s projects, then the  meeting continued with presentation by the team of Poraka Nova, on the project activities, dissemination and budget clarifications.
Co-creation Meetings

Co-creation Meetings

On 18-19 of July we organized a Co-creation online session within the Judo4All project where every partner organization worked on their own plans for the next 10 months of working.

The working plans included: recruiting plan, timetable for training plans of inclusive judo, inclusive judo methodology, toolkit content dissemination plan and further implementation of the judo activities for our upcoming events, where the main component will be inclusion with people with intellectual disabilities in judo.

The inclusive judo methodology consists of judo methods adapted for people with disabilities and all these methods will be part of the toolkit that afterwards will be spread among the partners and other organizations interested in inclusive sports.
With this we believe we will make the sports more accessible for everyone.

Stay tuned soon we will have open calls for recruiting participants in all partner countries!

National Competitions

National Competitions

One day national judo competitions would be held “in-house” within the participating judo clubs from North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia to display the gained sports skills and knowledge of the PwID. The best three PwID (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will compete at the transnational Judo Competition Struga in June 2022.