JUDO4ALL  in Drobeta Turnu Severin

JUDO4ALL  in Drobeta Turnu Severin

The trainings with persons with intellectual disability inside the Erasmus + Project Judo4All started in September with short trainings (50 minutes every training) initially to get to know us, but especially to get used to the activities and trainings.
The partners from Romania (Asociatia Judeteana de Judo Mehedinti) started in a separate group where 8 children, teenagers, trained with 2 trainings per week (Wednesday and Thursday). The training was for adaptation to effort and development of coordination through various games, relays and Ukemi-Waza (school of falling from Judo).
It was a good period where progress was seen on the part of all the participants. This good period was about a month and a half, after which it happened that out of 8 children, teenagers (most of them with problems related to autism) stopped attending training. In fact they are dependant on their parents, it was the main reason they came together in the trainings. Still, by the time, they could find the time to attend, so the children started to be on their own, slowly integrating into the groups.
Currently, there are 5 children and adolescents with intellectual problems (autism, ADHD), of which 3 are optimal to participate in a special Judo competition because they come every day to train in the groups of ordinary children and even did amazing progress.
They have days when they don’t accept the training program and prefer to play with each other, but they also have days when they cooperate perfectly with the training program adapted to them.
In the beginning, the parents attended the training, but because these children and teenagers have adapted and integrated into the group, the parents just bring them to the training and come at the end of the training.
Looking at their technical progress about Judo, I can say that it is acceptable and it is not easy even for a child with regular development to progress technically, but especially for a child with intellectual problems.
We use the training time to the maximum without rushing or forcing the progress of the athletes and certainly our athletes with intellectual problems will be prepared to face the training camp and the following competitions in 2023.
There it will be a period of learning Judo techniques and belt exams in December , then training camp in February and all these starts will be beneficial in the development and progress of athletes with intellectual disabilities so that in June there will be a celebration for everyone when they will climb the podium at the Struga International Tournament.

This article is written by Lena Sterea, judo couch and representative from the Romanian partner organization within Judo4All project.

World Judo Day celebrated by Makikomi, Serbia

World Judo Day celebrated by Makikomi, Serbia

Judo club Makikomi on 28 october finished 1st circle of recruitment and adaptation period of PWID for Judo4all project. During the celebration JK Makikomi donated Judogi to all our new Judokas WID.
Many thanks to the Serbian National association for supporting persons with Autism (Autizam Serbia) who give us nationwide support through their network of organisations https://bit.ly/3UvzNt6.
Huge gratitude Makikomi ows to Special Primary School “Anton Skala” in Belgrade, their professors, parents council and management for giving the support and spreading the Judo4all project among their elementary school students and their parents.
Among the new judokas Makikomi club have recruited people with several types of Intellectual Disabilities (Authism spectrum disorder, retardation,multi intelectual disorder etc) and they are so happy to announce that their new friends are feeling very happy practicing Judo.
Adaptation period lasted much less time than the partners expected thanks to all of the team members, efforts and knowledge on working with PWID and this will be their first experience  that they are going to share in the TOOLKIT that all project partners will develop it together.
World Judo Day 2022 Celebrated in Drobeta Turnu Severin – Romania

World Judo Day 2022 Celebrated in Drobeta Turnu Severin – Romania

WJD was a happy Friday with a common training with children and parents on Tatami. All participants celebrated the World Judo Day.

The training brought a lot of joy and laughter, especially for the “Atomic Kids” because they managed to “officially” beat their parents several times in different games/matches.

Also, the interaction between children with intellectual disabilities and children with typical development was perfect because they were included in the group immediately and no difference in attitude was reported/

During the event, the Romanian partner presented the “Judo4All” Project and presented the judo program for inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities who actually participate in this project and are visiting the trainings, and were applauded by all the participants.

The moment of handing out the “World Judo Day 2022/Inclusion” Diplomas was received with other applause and joy, but the most awaited moment was the cutting of the cake made especially for this day of celebration of Judo Day and the “Judo4All” Project .

Judo Club Drim Struga won 13 medals in 3 different countries

Judo Club Drim Struga won 13 medals in 3 different countries

On November 6, 2022, the lead partner of Judo4All project participated in three international competitions, namely:

  1. “Philipos” in Amindeo, Greece where the club won 9 medals from 9 participants
  2. “November 13” Cetinje, Montenegro with 2 medals from 4 participants
  3. “Mioki Open” Skopje Macedonia 2 medals from 3 participants

The following junior and senior judokas took their medals as a reward of their success:

In Amindeo:

  1. Mila Stojmilovska 🥇
  2. Martina Salvi 🥇
  3. Eleonora Josifoska 🥇
  4. David Spiroski 🥈
  5. Michela Jaulevska 🥈
  6. Sergej Blazeski 🥉
  7. Katerina Klenjoska 🥉
  8. David Shuleski 🥉
  9. Albin Cholaku 🥉

In Cetinje:

  1. Dorian Petkoski 🥇
  2. Mila Stojanova 🥈

In Skopje:

  1. Annamaria Stojmilovska 🥇
  2. Amar Bajramoski 🥉

Bozidar Juloski, Anastasia Trajcheska and Irinej Bakraceski also showed excellent skills.

This is proof that with a good organizational setup, quality training process, results are inevitable!

During the nonformal program of the competitions the participants of Judo Club Drim Struga used the opportunity to present and promote Judo4All project and it’s activities, with focus on the inclusive judo program and traings that are currently organizing in Macedonia, Serbia and Romania where +20 people with intellectual disabilities are involved. They also shared that on the upcoming Competition Struga Open in 2023 there will be special category for judokas with intellectual disabilities.

Celebrating World Judo Day in Struga, Macedonia

Celebrating World Judo Day in Struga, Macedonia

On the occasion of October 28 WORLD JUDO DAY under the motto INCLUSION, PORAKA NOVA and Judo Club “Drim” Struga held a joint celebration of the day as part of the Judo4All project.

The celebration took place from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on Marshall Tito Street, the city center in Struga, where educational materials for judo inclusive training for people with intellectual disabilities were distributed and a presentation on training for people with disabilities was conducted.

The partners from Poraka Nova promoted the project on the people who expressed interest for the project activitites and the partners from Judo Club Drim Struga had a chance to demonstrate how judo is practiced and how the excercizes are adapted to the people of intelectual dissabilitites.

In our judo4all project and inclusive program in Macedonia we have +10 participants how are visiting the classes each week and are trained to be judokas. We are very proud that we can provide this opportunity for the people with intellectual disabilities and that within this partnership we are creating a unique inclusive judo program. By the end of the project the partners will develop a toolkit for inclusive judo that later will serve other organizations and clubs as a resource for their inclusive judo trainings.