Our partners from Romania, Mehedinti County Judo Association last week attended a Judo Seminar for Special Needs SUCEAVA –ROU.

At this event with international character, coaches, referees, therapists, physiotherapists and parents interested in learning about Special Needs participated.

Themes and topics that were presented during this seminar were:

Short introduction in disabilityes and 3C Therapy ( awareness, concentration, coordination)

  • Judo games incorporated in a theme/story and explanation of games.
  • Judo and the brain. Power button, deep pressure, communication level
  • SN regulations how and why presentation
  • performance on the mat,  a lot of practical practice with guidance per group, SN randori regulations explanation and practice.
  • Yumeiho – Japaneze muscle relaxation therapy / presentation and practice
  • SN kata explanation.
  • practice role teaching regular uke Nage
  • own skills nage katame and kime
  • for those interested ne-waza Nage no Kata and how to preserve the essence of Nage.

The Mentors and Trainers were:

  • Tycho Matthias Mero van der Werff -NED
  • Tomas Rundqvist -SWE
  • Renske Vloothuis -NED
  • Aries Lourens Noordzij -NED
  • David Lefevere -NED
  • Catalin Cornel Mures -ROU
  • Edison Enrico Muha -ROU

Mehedinti County Judo Association was represented by Vasilan Gicu and Lena Sterea.

Check out the photos from the event below.