On the occasion of October 28 WORLD JUDO DAY under the motto INCLUSION, PORAKA NOVA and Judo Club “Drim” Struga held a joint celebration of the day as part of the Judo4All project.

The celebration took place from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on Marshall Tito Street, the city center in Struga, where educational materials for judo inclusive training for people with intellectual disabilities were distributed and a presentation on training for people with disabilities was conducted.

The partners from Poraka Nova promoted the project on the people who expressed interest for the project activitites and the partners from Judo Club Drim Struga had a chance to demonstrate how judo is practiced and how the excercizes are adapted to the people of intelectual dissabilitites.

In our judo4all project and inclusive program in Macedonia we have +10 participants how are visiting the classes each week and are trained to be judokas. We are very proud that we can provide this opportunity for the people with intellectual disabilities and that within this partnership we are creating a unique inclusive judo program. By the end of the project the partners will develop a toolkit for inclusive judo that later will serve other organizations and clubs as a resource for their inclusive judo trainings.