On November 6, 2022, the lead partner of Judo4All project participated in three international competitions, namely:

  1. “Philipos” in Amindeo, Greece where the club won 9 medals from 9 participants
  2. “November 13” Cetinje, Montenegro with 2 medals from 4 participants
  3. “Mioki Open” Skopje Macedonia 2 medals from 3 participants

The following junior and senior judokas took their medals as a reward of their success:

In Amindeo:

  1. Mila Stojmilovska 🥇
  2. Martina Salvi 🥇
  3. Eleonora Josifoska 🥇
  4. David Spiroski 🥈
  5. Michela Jaulevska 🥈
  6. Sergej Blazeski 🥉
  7. Katerina Klenjoska 🥉
  8. David Shuleski 🥉
  9. Albin Cholaku 🥉

In Cetinje:

  1. Dorian Petkoski 🥇
  2. Mila Stojanova 🥈

In Skopje:

  1. Annamaria Stojmilovska 🥇
  2. Amar Bajramoski 🥉

Bozidar Juloski, Anastasia Trajcheska and Irinej Bakraceski also showed excellent skills.

This is proof that with a good organizational setup, quality training process, results are inevitable!

During the nonformal program of the competitions the participants of Judo Club Drim Struga used the opportunity to present and promote Judo4All project and it’s activities, with focus on the inclusive judo program and traings that are currently organizing in Macedonia, Serbia and Romania where +20 people with intellectual disabilities are involved. They also shared that on the upcoming Competition Struga Open in 2023 there will be special category for judokas with intellectual disabilities.