Almost for 4 months the trainings of Judo4All programs are implemented in Struga, by Judo Club Drim Struga. Within this program and project, two judo inclusive trainings are held on a weekly basis, led by professional judo trainers. There are total of 13-14 participants with intellectual disabilities, but 8 of them are coming on almost every class. The trainings last about an hour, and that hour is filled with exercises that are of great benefit to the development of the participants (physically and mentally), an hour filled with fun, friendship and positive energy.  In the beginning, the trainers tried to hold an hour and a half training, thinking that it will be better, but they realized that it was too much, because the participants got tired, lost their concentration and were tired after the first hour.

They love judo training and are quite successful in the techniques, they manage to perform them in the best possible way, they are strong, they work hard and really enjoy learning the exercises and techniques with the trainers. One of their favorite exercises is the (Osoto Gari).

This project shows exactly that. That these people can train judo as a sport, make changes in their lives, develop, and I believe that one day this project will grow into something bigger and these people will take part in serious judo competitions and side by side with their peers with typical development will achieve supreme success in judo.

Within this project the participants also have caregivers and their responsibility is to bring the participants to the trainings for those who cannot come independently, to be their support, motivate them, and accompanied them during the trainings and then bring them back home.

We are very happy that the participants are strongly motivated and dedicated in to their judo trainings, we truly hope that one day they will go to some judo competitions and this opportunity is very closed because of our project.

One of the next activities in Judo4All project during January, will be selection of few judokas with intellectual disabilities who will join the Winter Judo Camp in Serbia and will be trained and prepared for the International Competition in Struga.