Judo club Makikomi on 28 october finished 1st circle of recruitment and adaptation period of PWID for Judo4all project. During the celebration JK Makikomi donated Judogi to all our new Judokas WID.
Many thanks to the Serbian National association for supporting persons with Autism (Autizam Serbia) who give us nationwide support through their network of organisations https://bit.ly/3UvzNt6.
Huge gratitude Makikomi ows to Special Primary School “Anton Skala” in Belgrade, their professors, parents council and management for giving the support and spreading the Judo4all project among their elementary school students and their parents.
Among the new judokas Makikomi club have recruited people with several types of Intellectual Disabilities (Authism spectrum disorder, retardation,multi intelectual disorder etc) and they are so happy to announce that their new friends are feeling very happy practicing Judo.
Adaptation period lasted much less time than the partners expected thanks to all of the team members, efforts and knowledge on working with PWID and this will be their first experience  that they are going to share in the TOOLKIT that all project partners will develop it together.